Welcome to the First Online Course in Refractive Surgery

This is the first time that such a project is being carried out. New educational tools have made it possible to perform courses like the one you are going to attend, in which we offer the full knowledge on a topic with multimedia access and all the scientific background that could be necessary to receive the adequate education on a topic that, so far, has received little academic attention.
The University Miguel Hernandez with the Division of Ophthalmology has created this online course aiming to provide access to education in refractive surgery to all those ophthalmologists interested in acquiring the skills that are necessary to educate, create opinion and adequately practice the selection of patients and the selection of techniques for the practice of refractive surgery.
Refractive surgery has made an evolution towards practice and with less interest in formal education. Residency training programs do not include refractive surgery in any part of the world as a subspecialty that is necessary in the education of ophthalmologists. However, refractive surgery is the end point of processes such a corneal graft, has to be used in pathological processes such as keratoconus and indeed is the demand of many patients who aim to improve the quality of life and to achieve spectacle independent in any age of their lives.

This is why in this course you will find the method to learn refractive surgery from the opinions of the investigational and practice group led by Jorge Alio at the University Miguel Hernandez and VISSUM Instituto Oftalmologico de Alicante. My group and I have been the pioneers in many surgical techniques, both at the cornea, intraocular and have written hundreds of papers on the topic and indeed in the allied areas of cataract- lens surgery and corneal Surgery. This is why you will receive not only education in refractive surgery but also in these allied areas as to perform refractive surgery adequately you have to know well the art and the practice of cataract and lens extraction and also to use the tools of cornea surgery to solve problems of refractive surgery and, conversely, to use tools of refractive surgery to solve corneal problems.
We hope that in this integrated course you will find everything that is necessary for you to raise your level of knowledge to the adequate one to be an efficient refractive surgeon from your education as general ophthalmologist.
Please remember that is not a practical course. You need to get the practical skills using wet labs and attending clinics in a practical fellowship, in which you can see on a first line level, first class surgeons performing the different surgical techniques that are dealt with in this course.
Welcome to this course and indeed to the experience to be a refractive surgeon.

Professor Jorge L Alio
Professor and Chairman of Ophthalmology
Scientific Director, Vissum Corporation

Specialization Course

  • Faculty of Medicine: Camps San Juan
  • ECTS Credits: 25 (250 learning hours)
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Field: Vision science
  • Specialty: Ophthalmology
  • Area of interest: Refractive surgery
  • Instruction: Online E-learning
  • Language: English
  • Type: Clinical / Research
  • Number of Courses: 6 module all required
  • Final project: Yes (1) required

Experto Universitario

  • Facultad de Medicina Campus de San Juan
  • ECTS Créditos: 30
  • Duración: 7 meses
  • Ámbito: Ciencias de la visión
  • Especialidad: Oftalmología
  • Área de interés: Cirugía refractiva
  • Instrucción: Online aprendizaje electronico (E-learning) + prácticas clínicas y curso presencial
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Tipo: Clínica / Investigación
  • Número de cursos: 1 curso de 6 módulos en inglés (obligatorios) + Prácticas Clínicas y curso presencial
  • Trabajo final: Si (1) obligatorio

Curso Monográfico

  • Área 1. Fundamentos básicos y tecnológicos
  • Área 2. Cirugía Refractiva Corneal
  • Bloque Quirúrgico
  • Área 3. Cirugía Refractiva Intraocular
  • Área 4. Cirugía Corneal para el Cirujano Refractivo



Refractive Surgery

  • Refractive Surgery Introductory Course
  • Advanced Refractive Course: Part I (Corneal)
  • Advanced Refractive Course: Part II (Intraocular)


Lens Surgery

  • Surgical Modalities
  • Intraocular lenses in Cataract Surgery
  • Femtosecond Assisted Cataract Surgery


Fundamentals of Corneal Surgery

  • Fundamental of Corneal Imaging
  • Corneal Graft Surgery
  • Keratoconus Management
  • Crosslinking
  • AMO Intralase Physician Course


Cllinical Standards in Refractive, Cataract and Corneal Surgery

  • Basic Suturing Techniques
  • Instruments in Cataract, Refractive and Corneal Surgery
  • Clinical Practice Standards in Refractive Surgery
  • Clinical Practice Standards in Lens Surgery
  • Clinical Practice Standards in Corneal Surgery
  • Standardization of Refractive Surgery Outcomes


Focus on Keratoconus

  • Introduction
  • Keratoconus grading and its implications in the therapy
  • IC & Segments
  • Advanced collagen cross linking
  • Corneal grafting in keratoconus: which, when and how?
  • Cataract surgery in the patient with keratoconus



  • Study Design
  • Research Protocol
  • SPSS database example model tutorial


  • GCP Online Course
  • Fundamentals of Medical Research


Course Director

  • Prof. Dr. Jorge Alió

Associate Course Professor

  • Dr. Mohamed El Bahrawy

Associate University Staff

  • Dr. Emilia Mullet
  • Dr. Mª Jose Prieto
  • Dr. Blanca Lumbreras
  • Dr. José Miguel Roman
  • Dr. Francisco Arnalich
  • Dr. Roberto Fernandez-Buenaga
  • Dr. Jorge L. Alió Del Barrio

Scientific Advisors

  • Dr. Jack Holladay
  • Dr. Richard Lindstrom

International Tutors

  • Dr. Adel Barbara
  • Dr. Alaa El Danasoury
  • Dr. Antonio Marinho
  • Dr. Arturo Chayet
  • Dr. Arun Gulani
  • Dr. Dan Reinstein
  • Dr. David O`Brart
  • Dr. Enrique Graue
  • Dr. Francesco Carones
  • Dr. George Kymionis
  • Dr. George O. Waring IV
  • Dr. Jesper Hjortdal
  • Dr. John Kanellopoulos
  • Dr. Jose Salgado Borges
  • Dr. Leonardo Matropasqua
  • Dr. Mahmoud Ismail
  • Dr. Marco Fantozzi
  • Dr. Miguel Maldonado
  • Dr. Mohamed Shafik
  • Dr. Mounir Khalifa
  • Dr. Osama Ibrahim
  • Dr. Paolo Vinciguerra
  • Dr. Rafael Barraquer
  • Dr. Ramon Lorente
  • Dr. Richard Packard
  • Dr. Richard Lindstrom
  • Dr. Roberto Belluci
  • Dr. Ronald Krueger
  • Dr. Shmuel Levinger
  • Dr. Samuel Masket
  • Dr. Suphi Taneri
  • Dr. Victoria de Rojas


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