Prof. Jorge Alió directs the seventh edition (second period) of this unique course, offered by the Miguel Hernandez University. With more than 500 satisfied alumni, is the first and one of the most complete course on the topics of reference.


It is the seventh edition of the UNIVERSITY SPECIALIZATION COURSE IN REFRACTIVE, CORNEA, AND LENS SURGERY, with more than 6 years of experience and 500 satisfied alumni, and has an updated training program on a new online educational platform. It is directed by Dr. Alió, professor and chairman of Ophthalmology Department at the Miguel Hernandez University (Alicante, Spain), who has been recently included into ‘The Power List 2020’, drawn up by the British magazine ‘The Ophthalmologist’, as one of the 100 most influential ophthalmologists worldwide.

 “Both the official university certification obtained after the correct finalization of the course, as the exclusive contents on the topics of Refractive, corneal and lens surgeries, have been designed for the benefit of the international ophthalmological community in order to fill the gap that exists currently in many ophthalmology teaching programs regarding the specialty of refractive surgery”, explains Dr. Jorge Alió.

The enrollment period for the course is already open on the webpage, and is the only step that separates you from the access to the most complete course on the topics of reference.  It is an integral education course that covers topics from the basic refractive surgery sciences, such as ocular anatomy, physiology and optics; to the most advanced and innovative methods of cataract, corneal and refractive surgery, as well as the management of the complications and the overcome. “It is aimed at ophthalmic surgeons and professionals who want to be up-to-date in this field. The course provides them with the necessary knowledge in cataract and corneal surgery with didactic material based on scientific evidence, especially in refractive surgery”, says Dr. Alió, an expert in diseases of the anterior segment of the eye at the international level.

The course program is designed in 2 learning-stage-based distribution of the contents: the 1st one theoretical (completely online), and the 2nd – theoretical & practical (in-person practices).

In Learning Stage One, you will have access to the theoretical approach of the main areas of study (Refractive, Corneal and Lens Surgeries, and an Advanced Keratoconus Course). Afterward, there is a compulsory final evaluation, and if interested (and meeting the documentation requirements**) you can proceed to learn and perform the Good Clinical Practices and Clinical Standards courses, completed with 75 hours of practical implementation of the acquired knowledge (the Learning Stage Two), for which you will have to come to the prestigious Ophthalmic Clinic of Vissum (Grupo Miranza), located in Alicante, Spain.

**As you will receive the University Specialist Certificate after the internship (2nd stage), you are required to have your degree issued by a Spanish University, or any other international university translated to English or Spanish and authenticated with the Hague Apostille.

In the theoretical part of the course, among other outstanding features, there are more than one hundred multimedia classes -scientifically evidence-based – with updated peer-reviewed articlesevaluations in each module, and permanently open forums for medical discussions on any topic or question arising from the material of our course. Moreover, there are also activities related to the analysis of the outcomes in the refractive surgical procedures

In the practical part, you will be trained by Dr. Alió’s team and himself in order to become an efficient and comprehensive refractive surgeon, by practicing for 75 hours in the Vissum (Grupo Miranza) Ophthalmic Clinic, as first assistants in the fields of Refractive, Corneal and Lens Surgeries. In this part, you will learn not only the details of the office consultation/organization activities but also will observe and assist in the operating room.  

At the end of the First Learning Stage, our students have the option to develop, on a voluntary basis, a Research Project, or peer-reviewed article, under the tutorship of the well-known experts of the International Faculty of our Course, or the Director himself.  And at the correct completion of the course, there is an official University certificate of specialization in Refractive, Cornea and Lens Surgery, issued and recognized by the University of Miguel Hernandez of Alicante, Spain.

The students can supplement specialized training with educational activities on research methodology, analysis of results, statistical methods such as SPSS software, as well as with the certified course on good clinical practices, which contains explanation of the Declaration of Helsinki for clinical research purposes. Moreover, the students have an opportunity to develop a final research project, which will demonstrate acquired skills and in which they can apply the methodology and clinical research techniques they have learned. It should be also mentioned, that the educational process is permanently supervised by the recognized experts of the International Faculty of the Course.

According to Jorge Alió, who has been recognized as one of the 100 best doctors in Spain by ‘Forbes’, “every person must be provided with the best possible level of vision in order to be fully productive. For this reason, a good exhaustive and rigorous educational program for the ophthalmologists results in better treatment of eye problems at both national and international levels”.

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